Increased competition, globalization and a fast changing technological and business environment has brought about a myriad of challenges for businesses. These challenges, including reduced profits, obsolescence, fraud, and lowered employee engagement, are seriously impacting organizations. An Integrated Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Framework is vital for an organization to flourish and achieve its business objectives.

Our comprehensive and innovative TricorRadar System enables organizations to align Strategic Planning with Risk Management in a holistic and integrated framework.


Enterprise Risk Management

Developed to meet the ISO 31000 Standard, our Enterprise Risk Management Solution is a powerful tool that empowers directors and managers to identify, assess, prioritize, monitor and manage risk. By ensuring risk management is embedded into all business principles and functions, organizations can drive strategic objectives and accelerate growth.

Operational Risk Management

Our Operational Risk Management Solution enables organizations to effectively and efficiently mitigate risk and minimize losses. Automated risk assessment and analysis provides unparalleled efficiency and delivers actionable insights. The system enables seamless reporting and can be tailored for submission to specific regulators, such as Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

Business Continuity Management

Our Business Continuity Management Solution builds business resilience, allowing organizations to quickly and effectively respond to potential threats and safeguard the interests of key stakeholders. Proper management aligns business continuity plans and ensures they are easily accessible anytime, anywhere.

Compliance Management

Our Compliance Management Solution is designed to encourage team members at every level of the organization to take responsibility for regulatory compliance. Documentation of all regulations, acts, policies and guidelines are held in a centralized repository. Tracking ensures that any compliance gaps are identified and rectified quickly.

E-Learning Module

The E-Learning Module allows organizations to design and rapidly roll-out courses using a systematic and pragmatic approach that engages all employees across all levels.

Whistleblowing Module

A whistleblowing module aims to eliminate workplace misconduct through the use of an independent and trusted whistleblowing reporting system.

Gift Register Management

A sophisticated Gift Register Management System offers a comprehensive tracking system to record gifts given or received.

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit module supports all internal auditing programs and uses a unique approach to plan and execute risk-based and compliance audits. The module includes an integrated tracking system and can automate every step of the audit life cycle, freeing up talent to focus on strategic initiatives.

Information Security Management System (ISMS)

The Information Security Management System (ISMS) allows a systematic and structured approach to information management. It encompasses everything related to Information Security within the organization.

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