Cybersecurity – the top 3 business risk for the past 5 years.

Cyber-attacks techniques such as extortion, scam and heist are being used by organised crime groups to target vulnerable companies. Successful attack often causes business disruptions, reputational damage, regulatory & compliance issues, lawsuits and ultimately financial losses.

Cybersecurity capabilities is crucial in defending against cyber-criminal attacks. The cyber-criminals are actively looking to exploit vulnerable system through ransomware, social engineering or other hacking techniques. Once compromised, they will quietly study the victim’s environment to identify additional opportunities to maximise profit/damage.

A robust cyber security management minimise business interruptions, minimise financial and legal liabilities and enhance your organisation’s reputation.

Our services include:
  • Cybersecurity framework development;
  • Cybersecurity risk assessment (in line with ISO27001);
  • Vulnerability scanning & penetration testing;
  • Threat monitoring, detection & forensic;
  • Information technology governance and operation audit;
  • Data classification & protection; and etc.

Our services allows our client to leverage on our expertise and experience in creating their cybersecurity capabilities, with or without existing cybersecurity skillsets in the company. Our team of professional is able to accurately identify and size client’s cybersecurity requirement backed by a strong risk advisory knowledge and experiences working with client of various industries & sizes.

Axcelasia can help you achieve your cybersecurity goals regardless of your company’s cybersecurity maturity level.

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