The Incident Management System (IMS) is an effective reporting tool designed to track and monitor incidents or issues reported throughout the organization. It facilitates the quick identification of incidents and issues, enabling the detection and mitigation of underlying root causes.

The IMS plays a crucial role in standardizing the incident reporting process by simplifying it significantly. This simplification encourages easy reporting of incidents and facilitates the development of action plans to resolve these incidents and issues promptly.

Key Features of IMS:

  1. Configurable and Personalized Dashboards: The system offers configurable and personalized dashboards that support multi-dimensional analysis of reported incidents. This feature allows for in-depth examination and understanding of incident trends and patterns across the organization.
  2. Dynamic Workflow Process: The IMS incorporates a dynamic workflow process that ensures critical incidents are escalated and reviewed by relevant stakeholders before closure. This workflow promotes effective collaboration and decision-making, enhancing the resolution process for critical incidents.
  3. Development and Tracking of Action Plans: The system enables the development and tracking of action plans until incident resolution. This functionality ensures that appropriate steps are taken to address incidents, monitor progress, and verify the successful resolution of issues.


By leveraging the functionalities of the IMS, organizations can streamline their incident management processes, promote transparency, and facilitate timely resolution of incidents. The system’s configurable dashboards, dynamic workflow process, and action plan tracking capabilities contribute to efficient incident management, enabling organizations to mitigate risks and maintain operational resilience.

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