When it comes to enhancing the value of a business , every decision matters. We help businesses execute their financial due diligence in mergers & acquisitions and can help resolve accounting, fraud and corporate liability issues. Our experienced team of specialists help ensure that the data required is accurate, reliable and readily available. We provide continuous support during the process in order to aid decision-making and to deliver strategic value.

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1. Corporate Liability

What can your business organization expect from Tricor Axcelasia?

  • Establish anti-bribery, anti-corruption (ABAC) policy and guidelines that are in line
    with the Guideline on Adequate Procedures or ISO 37001
  • Analyze and evaluate corruption risks, taking into consideration industry, business practices, and level
    of management controls
  • Activate a whistle-blowing (WB) reporting framework
  • Enhance awareness of ABAC risks and controls amongst employees
  • Manage continuous learning through online “E-Learning Tool” for ABAC
  • Provide ongoing support with periodic reviews and independent assessments of ABAC controls and conduct corruption risk profile re-assessments

What is Tricor Axcelasia’s strategic advantage?

  • Apply ABAC control mechanisms to build an ethical corporate culture
  • Understand all potential corruption risk exposures
  • Engage employees to improve communication and alignment with ABAC requirements and business objectives

2. Financial Due Diligence

What can your business organization expect from Tricor Axcelasia?

Buy side

  • Provide a comprehensive review of the target’s financial health
  • Identify risks and exposure early, before the purchase takes place
  • Help clients validate the key assumptions of the proposed acquisition

Sell side

  • Determine the financial health of the business for potential buyers
  • Provide an independent assessment based on financial performance and future prospects, addressing all potential buyer issues

What is Tricor Axcelasia’s strategic advantage?

  • Assess and analyze the track record of past performance, future prospects and key risks of the target company
  • Our services and due diligence report can aid transaction planning by affecting the purchase price of a business or even the decision of whether or not to pursue the transaction

3. Financial Modelling

What can your business organization expect from Tricor Axcelasia?

  • Design tailored financial models that provide practical solutions for businesses and management buy-out (MBO) / management buy-in (MBI) teams, private equity firms, investment banks and other financiers
  • Financial models improve accuracy and flexibility to perform sensitivity analysis, increase robustness and reliability

What is Tricor Axcelasia’s strategic advantage?

  • Assist in the further development of a financial model that considers all factors, including business,
    operational, financing, tax, marketing, human resources and management strategies
  • Work closely with clients to help formulate focused business plans with functional financial models

4. Forensic Accounting

What can your business organization expect from Tricor Axcelasia?

  • As business processes become increasingly complex, fraudulent activities are becoming increasingly
    difficult to detect
  • Fraudsters often circumvent established controls, rather than directly breach internal controls
  • Assess and identify financial, non-financial and regulatory irregularities, and report accordingly

What is Tricor Axcelasia’s strategic advantage?

  • Identify control failures and process improvements to prevent fraudulent incidents

5. Anti-Money Laundering

What can your business organization expect from Tricor Axcelasia?

  • The Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001 (AMLA) is the primary statute governing the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Financing of Terrorism (AML / CFT) regime in Malaysia
  • Review and enhance the effectiveness of AML policies and procedures, compliance and monitoring programs to comply with the requirements of AMLA

What is Tricor Axcelasia’s strategic advantage?

  • Work with clients to develop or enhance their AML compliance and risk management framework, including AML control components and business rules for AML compliance monitoring

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