Establishing a strong Corporate Governance (CG) structure and practice has become an important strategic move for many corporations. A solid CG structure, supported by a good governance mindset provides the foundation for long term organizational growth and business sustainability.

To be successful, organizations must excel at strategic planning and strategic execution. They must possess the discipline to execute action plans diligently and the adaptability to navigate complexities and uncertainties.

Risk management has become one of the critical strategic management tools for business leaders. A risk-minded leader is able to develop risk optimization strategies, supported by data and assumptions that reflect challenges ahead.

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1. Corporate Governance Advisory & Assessment and Board Effectiveness Assessment

What can your business organization expect from Tricor Axcelasia?

  • Develop a customiszed CG framework to suit organizational needs
  • Advise on CG practice gaps according to the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance (MCCG) 2017
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and implement world-class CG practices and guidelines
  • Provide independent, objective guidance on Board practices and activities

What strategic advantages can Tricor Axcelasia offer and what capabilities can we help you build?

  • Increase awareness of strategic CG best practices and how best to implement them
  • Build a CG framework that supports long-term organizational growth
  • Enhance Board’s capability to steer their organization amidst uncertainty

2. Strategic Advisory & Enterprise Risk Management

How can Tricor Axcelasia support your organization?

  • Help business leaders identify risks and challenges
  • Instil a strong risk-focused mindset across the entire organization
  • Guide business leaders to broadly assess risk from a longer term perspective
  • Work closely with Board and senior leaders to elevate the risk awareness level of the entire organization
  • Provide risk insight into specific areas, such as project, product, joint-venture and business expansion
  • Optimize risk management practices to fulfill regulatory compliance obligations and deliver value
  • Work with compliance team to build and enhance risk and control self assessment (RCSA) programs

What strategic advantages can Tricor Axcelasia offer and what capabilities can we help you build?

  • Understand how to apply risk thinking to major decision making points, both strategic and operational
  • Change the mindset of key business leaders to plan ahead before risk strikes
  • Learn how to perform sharper analyses on complex challenges
  • Help staff assume responsibility for internal controls

3. Training & Special Advisory

How can Tricor Axcelasia support your organization?

  • Share extensive GRC experience and insights
  • Design a customized learning program to address specific business needs
  • Tailor a dedicated solution to support corporate planning and management journey
  • Provide business leaders with comprehensive and timely advice and feedback

What kind of strategic advantage and capability building can your organisation experience with Tricor Axcelasia?

  • Gain practical tips and insights on how to improve various GRC applications
  • Optimize the learning experience of employees using bespoke training programs
  • Help business leaders make better decisions with a risk-aware, forward-thinking mindset

Our Strategic Business Advisory services encompass the following areas:

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