The key to surviving business disruptions is identifying and preparing comprehensive strategies to address issues before they arise. Business continuity management (BCM) increases resilience by allocating appropriate resources for recovery, safeguarding employees, minimizing loss of data, managing supply chains and maintaining corporate reputation during disruption or crises.

Our delivery approach is based on ISO 22301 and we support our clients by:

  • Implementing the overall BCM program
  • Executing business impact analyses and risk assessment
  • Proposing business continuity strategies and solutions
  • Developing a business continuity plan
  • Monitoring the implementation of the business continuity program
  • Conducting training and educational exercises
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Derek Lee Siew Weng

Derek Lee Siew Weng
Regional Managing Director

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Noor Lilah Wati
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Lim Boon Hung
Executive Director

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1. BCM Advisory

How can Tricor Axcelasia support your organization?

  • Identify gaps in the planning and implementation of business continuity and resilience planning frameworks
  • Analyze business functions criticality and limits of tolerance with respect to crises
  • Work closely with business managers to develop contingency plans that accelerate crisis response, recovery and business resumption
  • Create organizational-wide awareness of business crises and contingency planning
  • Develop dedicated crisis management and communication plans
  • Organize exercises to evaluate organizational readiness for executing business continuity plans

What strategic advantages can Tricor Axcelasia offer and what capabilities can we help you build?

  • Understand top priorities with respect to resource planning and allocation
  • Focus on comprehensive business continuity planning (BCP) factors
  • Develop a highly responsive team to manage major crises and disruptive events

What is Tricor Axcelasia’s approach to service delivery?

  • Apply a forward-thinking approach to help business managers and prepare for unforeseen crises and disruptive events
  • Involve relevant business managers throughout each stage of BCM implementation

2. Technology Advisory

How can Tricor Axcelasia support your organization in Malaysia?

  • Evaluate the adequacy of existing Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) or develop a new DRP
  • Conduct cybersecurity exposure and controls scanning
  • Assess information technology controls
  • Guide selection of suitable core business application systems
  • Manage technology system implementation project
  • Provide independent feedback on vendor performance and monitor project progress
  • Conduct information security management (ISM) system review and recommend improvement opportunities

What strategic advantages can Tricor Axcelasia offer and what capabilities can we help you build?

  • Comprehensive advice that incorporates both technical and business perspectives

What is Tricor Axcelasia’s approach to service delivery?

  • Simple, focused, and straightforward approach that directly addresses IT concerns

Our Strategic Business Advisory services encompass the following areas:

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