The WE-CARE System is part of Tricor Root’s software solution for the provision of an effective Whistleblowing program. The system is a fully web-enabled Case-Management system, which enables all whistleblowing cases to be logged and tracked to resolution. The system can be used as part of a standalone whistleblowing reporting tool, or as part of an overall suite of Whistleblowing and fraud prevention program.

What the system can do for you

The WE-Care solution will work for you to improve transparency and reduce misdemeanours in a number of ways:

  • Complete anonymity to potential reporters, increasing the odds that misdemeanours will be reported.
  • Acts as a powerful preventive control for inappropriate activities.
  • Powerful Case Management system to ensure all issues is documented and followed through to resolution.
  • Sends a clear signal that tells your employees that your business takes fraud and misconduct seriously.

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