Working from home is a reality, says Tricor group

Dr. Veerinderjeet Singh, Non-Executive Chairman of Tricor Malaysia, Yeap Kok Leong, CEO & Managing Director of Tricor Malaysia & Labuan, and Gary Tok, Group Chief Commercial Officer of Tricor Group share their thoughts with The Star on the opportunities for Tricor to leverage its emerging virtual services technology to assist its clients. They also highlight the critical needs that have emerged during these challenging times and how Tricor is helping their clients navigate changes in regulatory requirements and mitigate risk.

Yeap underscores that virtual office services are likely to be on the upward trend as more companies manage a fully or partially remote workforce going forward. Tricor Hives provides services to facilitate efficient business operations.

Companies without adequate fiscal reserves or effective business continuity plans have faced challenges during the lockdown in Malaysia. Veerinderjeet suggests the government to monitor the utilization of the existing funding schemes to ensure that assistance is directed to the right sectors and is reaching a wide, diversified segment of the business sectors.

Gary expresses that Tricor’s experience in previous acquisitions enabled Tricor to quickly implement a strong, collaborative, and unified team structure with Tricor Axcelasia.

Above: Excerpt from the interview. Please refer to this link to view the article in full from The Star.

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