Su Faye has a special focus on governance risk & compliance, business process improvement, internal audit, external audit, and accounting. Her engagements extend beyond Singapore, including Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and Norway.

She has conducted multiple risk awareness sessions, risk assessment and risk action planning workshops, risk maturity assessment, developed policies and procedures, setting of risk parameters, identifying and assessing key strategic and business risks as well as establishing and monitoring the implementation of risk action plans.

Su Faye has led and completed risk management and internal audit engagements for more than 40 companies across various sectors including property development, heavy engineering and construction, gold mining, shipbuilding and chartering, port operation, shipping and logistics, e-money services, electronic data management, education, healthcare, manufacturing, industrial tree planting, fishery operation, hydropower, mall management, advertising, capital market and other services.

Among her special engagements include leading a team in reviewing the internal control procedures of several companies; preparation of sustainability statement for a large property developer; reviewing the Waste Management Process of an Indian MNC subsidiary company specialising in integrated polyester and textile; assisting her Director in conducting an IT audit on a hydropower company in Laos; and team member of a Status Review Project during the takeover of a multi-purpose port and a logistics company by one of the largest listed maritime terminal groups in Malaysia.

Prior to her current appointment  with Tricor Axcelasia, Su Faye has worked as an external auditor with a  Big Four  Accounting firm. She has also served as a cross-functional accountant in a German-subsidiary manufacturing company covering the area of procurement, inventory management, accounting and tax filing.


  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Internal Audit
  • Business Process Improvement

Education & Professional Memberships:

  1. CIA – Certified Internal Auditor
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Commerce, Monash University Malaysia

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