Tricor Axcelasia, a subsidiary of Tricor Group, provides strategic business advisory and governance risk & compliance (GRC) software via its subsidiary, Tricor Roots Sdn Bhd to public listed companies, private companies, multinational corporations and government-linked entities.

We provide organizations with a tailored approach to establishing a solid GRC framework and best practices, setting the foundation for internal audit, risk management and business excellence. We also help organizations in Malaysia, Singapore and beyond build capabilities in strategic planning and execution by identifying and anticipating potential risks, and sharing comprehensive expertise in business management. A risk-minded leader is able to develop risk optimization strategies, supported by data and insights that reflect challenges ahead.

TricorRadar, our GRC software is an innovative and modular proprietary GRC software that helps organizations monitor the dynamics of their business and supports performance tracking. TricorRadar has become one of the critical strategic tools for business leaders, providing the foundation for long term organizational growth and business sustainability.

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