Traditional Business Continuity Plans tend to be outdated very quickly due to the rapid changes in critical business processes, staff movements and reorganisations. This can be catastrophic in the event of a major business disruption. To ensure that the BCM process is deeply embedded, automation using an intuitive and holistic process is vital.

The Corporate Continuity Manager (CCM) module is a Business Continuity Management enabler, based on the International ISO 22301, BS25999 and SS540 Standards.

The CCM module ensures your Organization is prepared for unexpected business disruptions. The CCM module enables the Organization to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive Business Impact Analysis at all levels of the organization.
  • Ensure Risk Scenarios are assessed with Business Continuity Plans ready and tested.
  • Conduct Call-tree testing and BCP testing to assess organization readiness.
  • Immediate call upon the Business Continuity Plan at an instant.

What the system can do for you

Some of the key functionalities of the CCM module include:

  • BCM dashboard to readily access all related BCM information.
  • Built-in Workflow Approval process Automatically generates the Business Continuity Plan for use across the Organization.
  • Support access from Tablets, such as iPads and Android-Based tablets.

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