The Corporate Risk Scorecard (CRS) module is one of the core modules of the TricorRadar, being the core risk database and reporting tool. The CRS module is a user-friendly yet powerful tool to facilitate Directors and Managers in identifying, assessing, prioritizing, monitoring and managing risks. The CRS module enables Risk Scorecards to be developed in-house and is ideal for Directors, Top Management, Line Management, Risk Managers and Internal Auditors. Based on the ISO 31000 and COSO ERM Standard for Risk Management, the system complies with global best practice.

Key uses of the CRS module includes:

  • Enterprise Risk Management.
  • Operational Risk Management.
  • Incident/Loss Event Reporting & Analysis.
  • Risk & Control Self-Assessment.
  • Compliance Management.
  • Audit Planning.

What the system can do for you

Some of the key functionalities of the CRS module includes:

  • Corporate Integrated GRC Dashboard for Directors and Managers to view and monitor the overall Performance & Risk status across the organisation.
  • Identification & monitoring of Key Risk Indicators, Risk and Scorecards via pro-active KRI Reporting.
  • Support multiple risk assessment approaches, from qualitative to quantitative methods.
  • Seamlessly integrates Performance Management with Risk Management.
  • Synchronised Management Actions Tracking Process.
  • Email notification and reminders on key events throughout the GRC reporting and monitoring process.
  • Centralised Incident/Loss event reporting database to support a robust Risk Management process.
  • Integrated Organization Compliance Management functions allows for active tracking.
  • Suitable for Risk-based Audit Planning.
  • Over 60 standardised reports, with self-report generator being able to create additional reports based on self-defined parameters.

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