The Corporate Risk Advisor (CRA) module is a powerful risk database management tool which complements the Corporate Risk Scorecard module to assist management and risk management professionals to augment the risk management process. The CRA module gives the users the power and flexibility to have a centralised and managed risk database, which will dramatically reduce the time and expenses to create comprehensive risk profiles for any level of the organization. This system acts to facilitate the thinking process, and removes the guesswork out of developing a risk profile and register.

The use of the CRA module will provide for a consistent approach towards analyzing each type of the organization, thereby reducing the opportunities for areas to be overlooked. This approach also optimizes your organization resources by highlighting key areas to be examined and monitored.

The use of the CRA module will allow Risk Managers to improve the quality of the risk register and to add significant value to the risk management function.

What the system can do for you

The CRA module will provide the following benefits to your organisation:

  • Provide a risk library structure that allows risk owners and risk representatives to access and view ‘best practice’ risks so improve the quality of risk information.
  • An ability for Risk Managers to leverage on the risk library to engage with line managers, therefore actively communicating emerging risks on a timely basis.

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